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Staking & Minting Guide

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New COCO tokens are only created/minted as staking rewards. It is estimated that it will take about 10 years+ for all coco to be minted/created/supplied.


Cookie Coin Details

Minimum coinage: 3 days (72 hours)
Maximum coinage: 90 days
Coin age: (No. of Tokens X No. of days held)

◆ Minimum coinage simply means that you will need to at least hold the coco for 72 hours (3 days) in order to qualify for staking.
◆ The maximum you can ‘hodl’ without claiming your rewards is 90 days. You are required to claim your rewards before the 90 days passes, otherwise it starts over at the current staking rate
◆ Your coinage restarts whenever you transfer your coco (excluding transfers made to yourself when claiming staking rewards).

For example:
Greg got 100 COCO and transfer his COCO to MyEtherWallet address. After 72 hours, his COCO will start staking and he will be able to see his expected rewards on the Calculator. Greg can claim his staking rewards whenever he wants or simply accumulate the staking rewards for up to 90 days, as long as he doesn’t transfer his coco to other addresses. Latest staking rates apply when Greg claims his rewards (one of the reasons why Greg always monitors the changing staking rates to take advantage of it).


◆ Current annual staking rate: 360%
◆ Current monthly staking rate: 30%
◆ Current daily staking rate: Approximately 1%

Please note that these staking rates will change constantly, according to the changing values of COCO on exchanges. You can calculate your staking rewards by using our Calculator

How It Works

COCO has two methods to trigger Mining functions

Method 1: Stake
Method 2: Mint

Before we continue to guide on how to stake/mint. Below is the guide to create wallet on MyEtherWallet

Wallet Creation: MyEtherWallet

In this Guide we will use ERC20 compatible wallets: MyEtherWallet

Step 1: Wallet Creation:
◆ Go to MyEtherWallet

◆ Create account there by typing your password and click "Create New Account"
◆ Next, Save your Keystore File (UTC / JSON) and click "I Understand. Continue"
◆ Next, Is to Save Your Private Key. or you can print it and click "Save your address" to continue
◆ Next, Access your wallet by using your "Private Key" or your "Keystore / JSON File"

◆ After you logged in, Scroll down the browser and you can find your wallet details
◆ Save down your Public Address and next step is: "Adding COCO"

Step 2: Adding COCO into MyEtherWallet

◆ In the Token Balances column put in the details below to add coco:
◆ Click "Add Custom Token"
◆ Token Contract Address: 0x5AF3630746975D9CbaF236D4117B08a2C7A0bD77
◆ Token Symbol: COCO
◆ Decimals: 18
◆ Click "Save"
◆ You are done

Method 1: Stake

How to Stake?

Staking method is simple, just follow the steps below:

◆ Hold Cookie Coin (COCO) in your MyEtherWallet for minimum 3 days (minimum CoinAge)
◆ After mimimum 3 days, your coco will be qualified to receive staking rewards.
◆ Send any amount of Cookie Coin (COCO) to yourself (From & to the same address which is ‘hodl
◆ That mean you will sending out your own coco to the same public address you have now
◆ Claim your staking rewards every 3 days starting from your last claim. You can claim in between
◆ How to claim?: Simply, Withdraw it (staking rewards) or resend it to your own MyEtherWallet.

Method 2: Mint

How to Mint?

In this Guide we will use ERC20 compatible wallets: MyEtherWallet to interact with COCO Contract

◆ Go to MyEtherWallet

◆ Click "Contract" and click "Interact with Contract"
◆ Contract Address: 0x5AF3630746975D9CbaF236D4117B08a2C7A0bD77
◆ ABI / JSON Interface: Fill in COCO Contract ABI
◆ How to get the COCO Contract ABI code? Go to: and scroll down to "Contract ABI" and copy the code
◆ Paste it to: "ABI / JSON Interface" and click "Access"
◆ Scroll down and select "mint" function. You will be asked to unlock/login your MyEtherWallet.
◆ Unlock/Login to your wallet
◆ Click on “WRITE” after unlock your wallet.

◆ A window will popup as above screenshot and click on “Generate Transaction” without any change.
◆ Make sure you have enough "gas" to do the transaction
◆ Done, Your MyEtherWallet account will generate "mint" function for COCO automaticly
Happy Staking!!


Support & Download

◆ If you have any questions, please join our Discord group
◆ You can also download our guide here: COCO Guide (pdf) group